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Solgar VM Prime For Women, 90 Tablets

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  • Solgar VM Prime For Women, 90 Tablets

Solgar VM Prime For Women, 90 Tablets

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Quick Overview

Solger Vm Prime For Women, Tablets is a high quality health food supplement

Product Description

Solgar VM Prime For Women, 90 Tablets - Products fact sheet


Three (3) Solgar VM Prime For Women, Tablets typically provides:

Calcium (as calcium citrate) 300 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium citrate) 150 mg
Bulking Agent: microcrystalline cellulose  
Vitamin C (as Ester-C, Calcium ascorbate) 400 mg
Vitamin E (400 IU, as d-alpha tocopheryl acid succinate) 268 mg
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 250 mg
Anti-caking Agents: vegetable stearic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate  
Cholline (as bitartrate) 50 mg
Cellulose Gum  
Colours: titanium dioxide, beetroot red  
Natural Source Beta-carotene (as prep.) 6 mg
Pantothenic Acid (as D-pantothenate, calcium) 80 mg
Glazing Agent: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose  
Zinc (as picolinate) 15 mg
Thiamin (vitamin B1, as thiamine mononitrate) 50 mg
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 50 mg
Lutein (as marigold prep.) 3 mg
Vitamin K2 (contains soy and milk) (as menaquinone-7) 45 ug
Soy Bean Germ Powder ([2%] isoflavones) 60 mg
Inositol 50 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 50 mg
Niacin (vitamin B3, as nicotinamide) 50 mg
Biotin (as prep.) 300 ug
Selenium (as L-selenomethionine) 150 ug
Vegetable Glycerin  
Manganese (as gluconate) 2 mg
Copper (as gluconate) 1500 ug
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin prep.) 500 ug
Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) 50 ug
Folate (as prep.) (pteroylmonoglutamic acid) 400 ug
Vitamin D3 (1000 IU, as cholecalciferol) 25 ug
Boron (as sodium borate, citric acid) 100 ug
Chromium (as Chromax, chromium picolinate) 200 ug
Iodine (as potassium iodide prep.) 150 ug

Tableted with these additional natural ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate, Stearic acid, Cellulose gum, Red beet powder, Titanium dioxide, Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, Vegetable glycerin.

Ester-C is a trademark of The Ester C Company. Manufactured under U.S. Pat. No.'s 6,197,813 and 6,878,744 and corresponding foreign patents.

Solgar VM Prime For Women Tablets does not contain Sugar, Salt Starch, Corn, Yeast, Soy, Wheat, Dairy Products, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors or colors.

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Precautions: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition or have frequent diarrhea, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any Solgar VM Prime For Women Tablets supplement.

Storage Instructions for Solgar VM Prime For Women Tablets: To assure freshness and potency of this supplement product, store at room temperature 15°-30°C (59°-86°F). Store supplements away from heat, light and moisture. Do not use if neck seal is missing, torn or damaged in any way.

Solgar Dosage suggestions for this VM Prime For Women Tablets supplement:

As a food supplement for adults, take three (3) Solgar VM Prime For Women Tablets, daily with juice or water in between meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


General information about the ingredients used in this supplement product:

(This is NOT product specific and is only listed as educational material)

The human body requires a wide variety of food substances called "nutrients" to perform at its maximum potential. These nutrients are the building materials for new and repairing tissues and they are the constituents of the bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscles, blood, and nerve cells. Each nutrient has specific functions but in many instances, several nutrients must work in tandem to help the body perform the necessary task. Vitamins and minerals are the nutrients which work together and are constituents of the body’s enzyme systems. The Solgar's VM Prime For Women, has advanced multiple nutrient formula that is customized to assist address the specific requirements of women heading in the menopausal transition. The specific apprehension to menopausal women may be the management of symptoms, bone assist and cardiovascular health. The formulation provides calcium and magnesium as citrates, which ensures that these minerals are simple to absorb. In addition to these minerals the formulation provides Vitamins D3 and K2. Vitamin K2 helps encourages the integration of calcium to the bone matrix, and additionally preventing calcium from getting deposited in artery walls. Vitamin D3 is the most bioavailable form of vitamin D, which helps on the uptake of calcium from the digestive system and promotes calcium restoration by the kidneys. VM Prime For Women includes B6, B12 and folic acid, which may assist in lowering homocysteine levels from the blood, thereby supporting cardiovascular health and the soy isoflavones further assist bone well being and aid in lessen specific menopausal symptoms. The addition of 400iu of vitamin E further supports the management of menopausal symptoms.

Magnesium is generally a vital mineral for human health. Magnesium, like calcium and phosphorus is termed like the most important mineral critical to both nutrition and medicine. Most men and women don't get ample magnesium from their diet. Magnesium is a very important element in the human body as it activates or is involved in numerous uncomplicated processes. Magnesium is critical for each organ in the human body mainly the heart, muscles, kidneys and it contributes towards composition of teeth and bones.

Vitamin C is named ascorbic acid and it's a water soluble vitamin. Unlike most animals, humans don't have the natural gift to create vitamin C on their own. Humans have to derive vitamin C from your diet. Copper is indispensable in all plants and animals. The human body generally contains copper at a level of about 1.4 to 2.1 mg for each kilogram of human body weight. Copper is dispersed extensively in the human body and occurs in liver, muscle and bone. Copper is produced inside a large amount of enzymes, such as the copper centers of cytochrome c oxidase and also the enzyme superoxide dismutase. Copper is employed for biological electron transport apart to its enzymatic roles. The blue copper proteins that contribute in electron transport consists of azurin and plastocyanin.

Functions of Magnesium and Vitamin C:

Magnesium plays an essential role in everyday health and it's needed for several metabolic reactions which take in place in our body. All the biological process like Muscle contractions, nerve conduction, and cellular membrane integrity just like the production of energy over a cellular level needs magnesium. Vitamin C is vital for the formation of collagen and intercellular material, bone and teeth and for healing of wounds. Vitamin C helps keep elasticity in the skin and the absorption of iron and improves resistance to infection. Vitamin C is applied in the treatment of scurvy. Copper aids in the formation of bone, hemoglobin, and red blood cells, and works with zinc and vitamin C to type elastin. Copper moves in the bloodstream over a plasma protein called ceruloplasmin. The instant copper is absorbed in the gut it's carried for the liver bound to albumin. Copper metabolism and emission is restricted delivery of copper for the liver by ceruloplasmin, in which it's excreted in bile.

Symptoms of Magnesium and Vitamin C Deficiency:

Deficiency of magnesium can trigger sensitiveness to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression, confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, insomnia, muscle weakness and cramps within the toes, feet, legs, or fingers. Severe vitamin C deficiency has been identified to trigger the potentially fatal disease, scurvy. Symptoms of scurvy include bleeding and bruising easily, hair and tooth loss, and joint pain and swelling. These kinds of symptoms glimpse being related towards the weakening of blood vessels, connective tissue, and bone, which all contain collagen. Copper deficiency can trigger the condition of anemia or pancytopenia along with a neurodegeneration in humans or other mammals. In newborns copper deficiency can trigger disturbing neurologic disease, and is noticed in Menkes disease. Chronic copper reduction leads to abnormalities in metabolism of fats, high triglycerides, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), fatty liver disease and poor melanin and dopamine synthesis causing depression and sunburn.

Good Food Sources of Magnesium and Vitamin C:

Excellent sources of magnesium are Swiss chard and spinach. Some other sources of magnesium are mustard greens, summer squash, broccoli, blackstrap molasses, halibut, turnip greens, pumpkin seeds and peppermint. Good sources of Vitamin C are Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, mangetout, green leafy vegetables, red peppers, chilies, watercress, parsley, blackcurrants, strawberries, kiwi fruit, guavas, citrus fruit. Good natural dietary sources of copper are oysters, beef or lamb liver, Brazil nuts, blackstrap molasses, cocoa, black pepper, lobster, nuts and sunflower seeds, green olives, avocados and wheat bran. Foods rich in copper should be consumed without any milk or egg proteins as they block absorption.


If you have any questions regarding the VM Prime For Women Tablets food supplement or daily dosage please write to us:

Notice: Please remember that all Solgar VM Prime For Women Tablets and other health food supplement products should never replace a varied diet. Supplements should only be seen as a complement to prevent deficiency symptoms and promote general health benefits and well-being, but never as a replacement for healthy eating habits.

Safety Note: To avoid side-effects never exceed the daily dosage recommendations for this VM Prime For Women Tablets supplement. Always discuss with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking prescribed medications before you begin any VM Prime For Women Tablets supplement programs, as interactions and side-effects can sometimes occur. Some medications can also reduce the absorption of VM Prime For Women Tablets supplements. Also keep in mind that food supplements should always be kept out of reach of young children.

Disclaimer: The product ingredient description on this page is from the manufacturer and has not been evaluated by This VM Prime For Women Tablets product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition. does not imply any medical claims from the customer reviews on Solgar VM Prime For Women Tablets found on this website.

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