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Calcium has several functions and health benefits. Calcium is a major mineral essential for proper nutrition. Your body could not survive without it. Calcium promotes bone strength, but also helps to maintain the health of other vital systems in the body, including the heart, muscles and nerves. Some scientific studies indicate that Calcium Citrate may support the health of the colon. Calcium is also the most abundant mineral in the human body. Its primary function is to help build and maintain bones and teeth, which it does in conjunction with phosphorus. In addition, calcium aids the process of blood clotting and regulates the passage of fluids through the cells. It is also related to the proper functioning of the heart and neuromuscular system. In children calcium deficiency is associated with rickets, bone deformities and growth retardation. Adult deficiency leads to osteomalacia (softening of the bones). Muscle spasms, cramps, hypertension and osteoporosis can sometimes be attributed to low calcium levels. Dairy products are the most popular dietary source of calcium, although good amounts can be found in many other foods including kale and other green vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried figs and canned fish with edible bones. Solgar offers several different calcium supplement products either as a single calcium supplement or supplements that combine calcium, magnesium, zinc and boron, which may be useful, depending on your need, or suspected calcium deficiency. Solgar also has so called chelated calcium supplement products, which are known for their superior absorption.

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