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Vitamin Pharmacy Delivery Terms

Delivery Limitations.
No Vitamin Pharmacy product items are available to ship to Japan, Germany and Ireland. 
Purchase Terms 
A purchase order agreement is only considered final when Vitamin Pharmacy has confirmed the order through an order confirmation email. An order confirmation email is generated automatically. If the delivery time for the order changes, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. Vitamin Pharmacy have the ownership and withdrawal rights to all products until full payment has been paid by the customer. All purchases are done in SEK (Swedish Currency/Swedish Kroner). You can however use our online currency converter to see what the price is equivalent to in your local currency. In order to shop with us you must be 18 years of age. 
Pricing Policy 
The prices includes Swedish VAT / TAX of 12%. On confirmation of the order, prices can only be changed by circumstances out of Vitamin Pharmacy´s control. For example such as sudden significantly changed manufacturer prices, currency fluctuations or amended VAT. No handling charges is added to the order. If the package is opened by customs and additional administration costs are added, the customer ordering is resposible for paying those costs or letting the package return to us if they wish not to. 
Shipping Costs
             All products are shipped from Stacktheme Limited in Scotland, UK.
A shipping cost will be added to the price. Vitamin Pharmacy charges a fixed price for freight. Shipping within Sweden is only 55kr (SEK) regardless of weight or size of the package. Shipping to Norway is 69kr (SEK). Delivery to other Scandinavian countries, EU countries or anywhere else in the world is 65kr (SEK). You are not charged any  freight if your order is over 500kr (SEK).
Payment Terms
Currently we offer two payment options:
1. Online Instant Payment with PAYPAL: Pay with VISA/MasterCard or other major credit card. You do not have to register with paypal to use this service.
2. Invoice (Only available to Scandinavian customers)
You receive an invoice with the package that you can pay into our bank account within 14 days of order confirmation email. Usual payment history checks will be made on all orders. If the UC register show an uncertain payment history, you may instead be offered either to pre-pay your order into our bank account or pay by card. All attempts at fraud such as personal identity theft will be reported to the police immediately.
Delivery Times
All products are shipped from Stacktheme Limited in Scotland, UK. NOTE: Delivery times can vary between 7-12 days!
Products in stock are normally sent within 1-2 working days after we have received your order. In the situation where a product must be ordered from the supplier, delivery time may be slightly longer, but we are would then inform the customer of the estimated delivery time. The packages are sent as first class regular mail. Delivery times to all countries can be 7-12 working days.
Delivery Delays
Sometimes delivery delays occurs that is outside our control. For example it can sometimes occur when a supplier can not meet their delivery obligations to us.
Transport Risk
Together with our shipping partners, we take full transport risk, ie. the risk of product damage or loss during shipment from our warehouse to you. You as a customer and the carrier you use is responsible for the risk in the event that your return the products to us by mail.
Damagned Goods
When you receive your order, it is important that you immediately inspect the package and its contents. Should the packaging and contents be damaged, please notify that to your Post Office Customer Service Desk or directly to the package carrier. Always save the confirmation you receive, that stae that your goods/package is damaged. We are grateful if you can notify us promptly if it occurs. Please contact us by phone +46 (0)8 40011800 or email us at:
Return Rights Policy
According to the Swedish Consumer Rights legislation, you as a customer have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days after you received the product and without giving specific reason. When using the Right of order withdrawal / Open purchase the customer has to pay the return shipping cost in full. Return Right and Open purchase does not apply when goods cannot be returned in an unassembled, unused and undamaged condition. If you get a product delivered that is faulty or incorrect, of course, we will pay the return shipping costs. Contact us immediately and we will agree on the compensation for the return shipping costs to be paid to you.
Complaints Policy
If you wish to complain about a damaged or defective product, you should contact us via email or phone within one week.
Always save the packing materials, original carton and payment confirmation. If you return a damaged goods to us, do add the original packaging material in which it was sent in. Vitamin Pharmacy follow the Consumer Protection Legislation, which gives the consumer 36 months complaints right. Complaints Right covers only initial errors, ie errors that existed in the product on delivery. This does not apply in cases where we cannot find anything wrong with the product or when you caused the damage yourself. Ordinary wear and tear are not covered/replaced.
Repayment Policy
Repayment is made to your bank account or any other way that the customer may suggest. The refund is made within 5 working days after we have received and accepted your return.
Reservation list
We reserve the right to changes in pricing due to large price deviations from our suppliers, typos or other errors that are beyond our control. Read more about other unforeseen events during the Force Majeure below.
Force Majeure
In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action in employment, and similar events beyond our control which are not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and the pledges from our side, which means that we cannot keep that agreement / pledge, shall constitute the basis that releases us from our obligations to fulfill those agreements.
Here are also the links to the Swedish Consumer Agency and ARN where you can read more detail on Consumer Protection and Rights Legislation. In the event of a dispute, we always follow ARN's recommendations.

For more information go to: - The Swedish Comsumer Rights Agency - The Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints